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But in February it said the main reason was because the roads around Holme Pierrepont had grown increasingly busy with traffic over the years.

"the bridge was closed to traffic in the 70's after it was declared as unsafe for vehicles but safe for pedestrians and cyclist but now it is safe to carry the tram, amazing. the health and safety must have shut their eyes and ears to please their masters."

Previously, organiser Sweatshop said part of the reason it was considering dropping the full marathon was because of the building of the new tram line to Clifton, as it goes over the toll bridge.

It's all explained in the report of the public inquiry inspector, easily available on line. Your inference that it is to do with 'the health and safety' shutting their eyes and ears 'to please their masters' is complete rubbish.

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There are tram works popping up everywhere between Nottingham and Clifton causing hassle everywhere. Even the park and ride at the terminus has started. What I cannot understand is that it Ghd For Sale

The Robin Hood full marathon, which usually goes over the bridge, is not taking place this year, although the half marathon is still going ahead.

"Nottingham City Council recognises that the bridge is an important historical feature, and the contractor will undertake the works carefully to ensure that the impact on the bridge is minimised. The city council already has listed building consent (for the works to go ahead), and we are satisfied that the information the contractor is providing should be sufficient to meet the conditions.

The council spokesman said that the planning inspector looked at the proposed works around the time of the inquiry in 2007 and was satisfied that there would only be a "very small impact" on the bridge and there would be "little harm" to its historical character.

Detailed plans have been submitted to the city council by civil engineering company Taylor Woodrow and transport infrastructure company Alstom, showing the design of the alterations to the bridge, Beats Solo Hd

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A spokesman said: "If there are any closures, these are likely to be very short in duration, for example an overnight closure or a weekend, and there would be good advanced information provided, including updates on the website, distributing leaflets locally, and signs at the bridge."

and the materials to be used.

Also, sorry for describing your first post as rubbish. I was out of order.

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That is what is happening now.

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The bridge that was closed in the 1970s was taken down and replaced with the current structure. At the same time a new, more sturdy pier was put in the middle of the river in the expectation that at some point in the future, perhaps with some modification, the current bridge could carry some form of vehicular traffic. Beats By Dre Pro

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lac046, it's many years since the toll bridge Ghd Set was closed to cars but before it was, Wilford village was clogged with traffic using it as a short cut to and from town. I don't live in Wilford, but my guess is that people living there haven't been denied it, but actually wouldn't want it opened to cars again, with all the traffic problems that would create.

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New tram line works to cross Wilford Toll Bridge

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Even if they did, where would the cars go when they've gone over the bridge? Down the Embankment? Along Riverside Way, at the end of which they could only turn left, away from town? Through the Meadows? I don't think there would be anything gained.

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is 2 to 3 years away from completion. Why not put all the resources into the first part, Midland station to the toll bridge and open that part up, hence gaining revenue. Once that is open move on to the next stage and then the next. As for stops, not one in Silverdale and limited stops stops in Clifton. One consolation I suppose at least there is a decent bus service

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