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In 1975, the City Council passed legislation establishing a policy for these situations in which residents could have their increased water bill cut in half. However, this policy also instituted late fees for residents who could not pay the bill sometimes up to thousands of dollars immediately, a policy the Committee plans to amend.

New water meters flooding some Troy residents with higher water bills

"We need to see if we can get compliance without adding more manpower," said Bradley. The department is currently installing new meters throughout the city that would eliminate the problem, but they estimate it will be another 8 to 12 years before meters are installed in every house in Troy.

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Ghd Jade Straighteners

Ghd Jade Straighteners

Ghd Jade Straighteners

Ghd Jade Straighteners

Instead, he and Bonesteel suggested they build a webpage and a database where data on in/out discrepancies could be collected, with residents checking their inside meters themselves.

"There needs to be a set policy in place enacted by the city," said Councilman John Brown, D At Large. "The Council should not be in a situation where we're reviewing these on a case by base basis."

"If there's a way around interest and penalties on this I think we should figure that out," said Councilman Bill Dunne, D District 4. "It's hard Ghd Jade Straighteners enough Pink Ghd Hair Straightener

Councilman Kevin McGrath, D District 1, called the Public Utilities Committee meeting to address complaints raised by residents who saw exponential increases in their water Beats Remotetalk Cable

Ghd Jade Straighteners

TROY The City Council Public Utilities Committee is planning to remove penalties and interest for residents who have seen a sudden increase in their water bill due to "inside/outside discrepancies" with water meters. The Public Utilities Department is also planning to build a webpage and educate those in the Collar City about these discrepancies to prevent a shock when they get their water bill.

to pay the payment. Yes they have used the water and we have expenses we need to pay for, and I think cutting it in half is fair, but I think penalties are unfair when the person didn't even know they owed the money."

bill after the installation of new meters. According to Chief Water Plant Operator Neil Bonesteel, the program has to do with a discrepancy between the inside water meter which measures actual water usage and an outside meter that is read by the water department.

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McGrath was insistent that the water department should be reading internal meters on an annual basis, but Public Utilities Supervisor Bill Bradley said the manpower just isn't there. Beats Solo 2 Wireless

Ghd Jade Straighteners

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