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When asked why the public was not informed before the demolition took place, Ms Davies said: "The focus of our attention is making sure any physical or operational obstacles are well and truly cleared so Friars Walk could go ahead."

Ms Davies refused to reveal who made the decision when the Beats Lightning Cable demolition would take place and who was aware of when it would Ghd Air

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happen, saying she was "not prepared to have any staff vilified" for following political decisions and that workmen at the site were being threatened which was "beyond the pale".

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´╗┐Newport council From Salisbury Journal

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The council commissioned Mann Williams consulting civil and structural engineers to compile the report which gave the cost as 625,981 plus VAT which would be met by the council as there was no agreement in place with developers to deal with the mural.

With Topshop and Next coming on board on Beats Iphone

the back of Debenhams, Ms Davies said: "If Debenhams walk away, it's finished."

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Davies said the agreement in place with Debenhams is for the store to be trading by either by Christmas 2015 or Spring 2016. Had the council been forced to remove and save the mural, she said, the extra time this would have taken, combined with the two years of demolition and build work for Friars Walk, could have put this back, meaning Debenhams could walk away.

Ms Davies said she and council chief executive Will Godfrey met campaigners and gave them the chance to come back with a costings plan but had no response.

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