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"I'm not a fan of Common Core, and I'll tell you why," Havenstein said. "I do believe in standards and I do believe in accountability of education. I think that's very, very important.

"But I don't believe that standards set in Washington that derive, that then you must derive curriculum for at the local level is the way to do it, and we're finding out it's not the way to do it aren't we? Right?"

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"Scott talks with a lot of his former colleagues about a lot of topics, but none of it Beats Advertisement

Brown and his team have to be praying there aren't other GOP senators out there ready to report they also heard from Brown about this.

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GOP leaders tried to impugn the source of the report the liberal Huffington Post in hopes the story would die of its own weight.

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The Sunday Telegraph confirmed Havenstein served on the Executive Committee of Business Higher Education in 2010 when that group endorsed Common Core.

"Walt went to two business meetings a year for that forum. He was there as the representative of SAIC," Goodwin said, referring to the Virginia contractor Havenstein left before resigning for "personal reasons" later in 2012.

Havenstein added, "I'm not trying to create creative thinkers in the first grade. That just doesn't make sense to me."

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Havenstein was still on the board in 2012, according to documents we reviewed.

has been lobbying in any way or fashion," communications director Elizabeth Guyton said.

The possible brand hit is that it looks like Brown was involved in a naked move to try to deny Shaheen a significant victory.

"He wanted an up or down vote on the Keystone Pipeline project, just as many senators did," she said.

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Politically, it's a smart position for Havenstein to take as he tries to curry favor with the social conservatives in the race.

"An unbiased reporter would have never published this story given the clear comments that Senator Ayotte made in the interview," Horn wrote. "The mistakes made in the post are too serious and egregious to be considered a simple error, which leads to the obvious conclusion that this was a deliberate attempt to spread misinformation. But the Huffington Post's lack of action confirms that it is more interested in dishonest political advocacy than actual journalism."

Campaign spokesman Henry Goodwin said there is no inconsistency.

Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson gave Brown some political cover. Isakson was a co sponsor of the Shaheen Portman bill, but he said he voted against it because it lacked a Keystone amendment.

"No, he didn't," Ayotte said. "I told h im what my position is, but I wasn't Beats By Dre 2018 lobbied on it or anything, and obviously I did what I thought was best based on my state and voted the way I thought I should."

Republican Scott Brown's brand may have taken a hit last week. senator again in November.

This is the transcript of what Ayotte said when a Huffington Post reporter asked if Brown called to "slow down" the bill.

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the naming of a post office.

Within hours of the story breaking, the state GOP put up a website mocking Shaheen's achievements during her first term, reporting that the only one of 67 bills she sponsored to become law was Beats By Dre Mixr Red

State GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Horn, of Nashua, opened with both barrels against the Huffington Post in a memo to its supporters Friday afternoon.

Then last week, we have confirmed reports that Brown had been calling senators about trying to defeat the bipartisan energy efficiency bill that Sen. Rob Portman, R Ohio.

Havenstein's views on abortions he's pro choice, but says he would support restrictions in the law hurts him big time, but there is a large segment of the GOP that sees Common Core as classic federal government and big business overreach in an area that calls for local control.

Ayotte said she supported the measure because it was "good for New Hampshire."

Then New Hampshire Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte confirmed Brown had spoken to her, although he hadn't lobbied to kill the bill.

Senate Democratic leaders said they were perfectly willing to have a Keystone amendment fight on the bill, but they say it was the GOP who blinked because they lacked the votes to pass it.

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NH gubernatorial candidate opposes Common Core

Republican gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein came out against the Common Core reforms for education standards at a GOP gathering at the Kimball Library in Atkinson on Wednesday night.

Guyton said that wasn't Brown's motivation.

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