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"We call it scuffing, in other words your car is not going down the road true, its going down there sideways and its just using fuel," Berlanga told us.

Despite avoiding bad roads, Medina has paid the price this year. "To have an alignment its usually $59.95 and then you have to keep getting it checked because all the string components also suffer from all the shock and banging on the undercarriage," he said.

little more often," Berlanga said.

But, a new study released today says the condition of our roads is costing you more money than drivers across the state, Ghd Platinum Asos

Not getting that checked will cost you in the long Beats Executive Headphones

"I know all the shortcuts to get away from the bad roads," driver Joe Medina told us. "I try to stay away from them because I know that they're damaging to the car and they're unsafe, you car starts bouncing, you bounce across the street and run into somebody," he said.

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Not only are those pot holes a nuisance, they'll also make you have to bring your car in for more repair. Just ask Dennis Berlanga at Shaffer Automotive. "That can add a cost to anybody, struts could go bad, tire ratings could go bad, you'll have to maintenance your vehicles a Beats Earphones Blue

even more money than most drivers across the nation. called TRIP. It actually ranks Corpus Christi 10th overall for cities our size in maintenance and fuel cost. It says that because our roads are in such bad shape here in the city, you'll spend an average of $614 more per year in car repair and fuel, its higher than drivers in other cities. Drivers here don't like that figure.

Beats New Wireless Earbuds

Beats New Wireless Earbuds

It all adds up, and if you go by the figure in this study, that's an extra $51 a month, you're paying because of our roads. You can add that to the new street user fee, that you'll start paying in January and it looks like our roads are costing all of us a good amount of money.

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"You just try to keep an eye on the road, make sure you don't hit anything real big. But if you do, bring Beats New Wireless Earbuds it by, we can check it, we can save you some fuel mileage and some tires," Berlanga said.

Beats New Wireless Earbuds

Beats New Wireless Earbuds

While there's just not much you can do about the city's street problems, Berlanga says fixing any problems quickly will help save you some cash.

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CORPUS CHRISTI Its no secret that our roads are in bad shape.

New Study Finds Corpus Christi Roads Cost Drivers Hundreds Each Year

run too. If you're car is out of balance, expect to pay more in fuel.

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Beats New Wireless Earbuds

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