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We certainly hope the next legislature will remedy this expensive mistake.

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Both strategies are greatly helped by high prices.

to physicians the clinical practice of medicine when, at the same time, they are making it more difficult for physicians and other health professionals to implement time honored and proven public health strategies such as decreasing tobacco use.

The public health strategy to fight tobacco use is two fold: prevent new smokers and help current smokers reduce or stop smoking. Beats By Dre Monster Bluetooth Speaker

Nicotine is a powerful addiction. Once the habit is formed, it is extremely difficult to quit, even though the benefits of quitting smoking are well known: decreasing heart attack, stroke, lung disease and smoking related cancers.

We have been more successful among young smokers, where smoking rates declined from 25 percent to 16 percent from 2001 to 2009.

Our representatives and senators clearly hoped we would sell more cigarettes, which is bad public health policy. The Legislature's decision to lower cigarette taxes goes against sound public health policy because it wanted to sell more cigarettes.

During the past decade, as New Hampshire increased cigarette taxes several times, the state's population of smokers declined somewhat. It remains relatively high among adults, however; at 19 percent, it is the second highest rate in New England.

In some ways, it is fortunate that the Legislature's economic policy did not lead to more cigarettes being sold. Cigarette companies did not drop the price for retailers and smokers; they simply kept the additional money as extra profits.

While New Hampshire's smoking rates have been heading in the right direction in recent years, aided by rising cigarette prices, what did our current Legislature do?

Smokers continued to buy cigarettes while New Hampshire lost $20 million in revenue. State residents gave a $20 million gift to cigarette companies, money that could have gone to anti smoking programs, reaping financial benefits Monster Beats Headphones Amazon

In addition to the individual and social cost of tobacco related illness, diseases associated with smoking are an expensive burden on our health care system. Treatment for these diseases costs nearly $600 million a year in New Hampshire.

for taxpayers many times over.

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For first time in history, the Legislature decreased the cigarette tax. Legislative leadership promised the economy would benefit if cigarette prices dropped by 10 cents a pack.

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Decreasing the tobacco tax was a mistake. It was a $20 million gift to the cigarette makers and dreadful public health policy.

For every 10 percent increase in tobacco price, 7 percent fewer youths initiate tobacco use, and 4 percent of adults quit.

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Dr. Peter Klementowicz is former New Hampshire governor of the American College of Beats Audio Headphones Cardiology. Dr. Albee Budnitz is former president of the New Hampshire Medical Society.

NH cigarette tax cut hurt public health

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It is ironic that the state Legislature has been attempting to pass intrusive bills that would dictate Wireless Beats By Dre Earbuds

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