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John, who is a Royal Marine, was just weeks away from a six month deployment. That was cancelled as Jessica's parents comforted her while she had her blood platelet transfusion.

New test means brave Jessica Instyler Rotating Iron can look forward with hope after leukaemia treatment

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Yorkhill's Schiehallion unit is led by Dr Gibson, who won a Daily Record Our Heroes award this year. During 20 years in the job, she's seen giant leaps in the treatment of children with cancer.

LITTLE Jessica Ellenden is today glowing with health thanks to a medical breakthrough trialled in Scotland.

"How do you explain it to a two year old? How can you make a two year old realise she has to hold still while they put a needle in her? Jessica's beautiful, brown curls fell out and she went into a depression.

techniques such as using a microscope have not been sensitive enough to measure this accurately.

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"Watching your child go Ghd Hair

effects of leukaemia. The MRD test has revolutionised the way we treat children."

State of the art equipment is used to measure the cancer cells known as minimum residual disease that remain after the first month of treatment.

After tests, doctors at the Royal Alexandra hospital in Paisley diagnosed leukaemia.

Now the NHS has agreed to fund it for the first time for all patients across the UK. Until now the test, which costs s600 a time, has been paid for by the charity Leukaemia Research. It's been a huge success since trials started in 2003, and has helped boost the survival rate for youngsters with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

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Her nightmare started last November when Jessica developed a body rash and bruises. At first the GP dismissed the symptoms as a virus but when Jessica started limping, her parents were determined to get answers.

Dr Gibson added: "For children who are high risk, we do a bone marrow transplant early before they're able to relapse."

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through intensive chemotherapy is heartbreaking, so you don't want them to get more than they need.

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The other UK centres piloting the MRD test technique include Bristol, Leeds, London and Sheffield. So far, more than 2000 youngsters have benefited from the screening.

Today Jessica's pretty brown eyes sparkle as she proudly chats about becoming a big sister for the first time. Her baby brother, who is set to be born in March, offers a bright, fresh start for the family who have been through so much.

"She stopped getting up or talking. There was no communication."

"Fifty years ago, children with leukaemia faced almost certain death. Today, 90 per cent of children are going to survive."

Dr Brenda Gibson, from Yorkhill Hospital, said: "It's making an enormous difference and has led to better treatment for every child.

The level can range from one in 20 cells to one in 100,000. But until now, conventional Beats By Dre Pro White

The new method uses technology called real time quantitative polymerase chain reaction. After the genetic fingerprint of a leukaemia cell has been identified, the level of residual cells in the bone marrow can be quickly and accurately tested with the technology.

She said: "As survival improves, how you cope with it and how you are at the end of treatment counts, too. More people are going to live through the side White Ghd Straighteners

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The test can alert doctors to youngsters with a high risk of relapse, and spare kids who respond well to the first wave of treatment from the side effects of more chemotherapy.

It means the future looks bright for children being treated for leukaemia, such as three year old Jessica, from Helensburgh. She only had to go through the debilitating side effects of one wave of intensive chemotherapy instead of two.

The new screening technique works by fine tuning the treatment of children suffering from leukaemia.

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Watching Jessica play in the garden with her dad, John, 25, it's hard to imagine she went through such a low point only months ago.

The new test came back showing Jessica had only a low risk of the disease relapsing.

That meant there was fewer than one leukaemia cell in 10,000 healthy blood cells after the first 28 days of treatment.

Thanks to the dedication and skill of staff at Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Jessica is now thriving. She had two birthday cakes, two family parties and plenty of presents to celebrate her third birthday in September and this Christmas will also be extra special.

"But when the test came back indicating Jessica was low risk, it was brilliant. It meant she was responding well to treatment.

Jessica's hair is starting to grow and her appetite is back. After a tough course of chemotherapy, Jessica is now on a two year maintenance programme, which she'll stick to until she starts school.

Jessica's mum, Kim, 25, said: "We're slowly starting to smile again after the worst year of our lives.

Already 500 youngsters have benefited from the revolutionary technique piloted at Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Yorkhill, which measures cancer cells in children with leukaemia.

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