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Kuster criticized the House GOP plan after voting against it.

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Yes, New Hampshire has the lowest poverty rate of any state, but not when it comes to children.

"As a Marine who has been on the ground in war, I know there can be grave consequences from a government shutdown, such as troops not receiving pay to seniors not receiving Social Security checks they rely on," Lambert said.

At week's end, the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire said that after a decade at the bottom, New Hampshire fell out of that spot last year.

"With less than two weeks to go until a possible government shutdown, we don't have time for more pointless political games and theater," Kuster said in a statement. "Instead of refighting old ideological battles while the clock is ticking, we should be focused on working toward an actual solution that will responsibly Beats Mixr

"These new estimates suggest that child poverty plateaued in the aftermath of the Great Recession, but has not yet begun to fall as we enter the fourth year of 'recovery,'" Carsey researchers said. "While modest improvements are evident in some places, increases in others raise concerns about the well being of America's children.

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NH congressional candidate backs move destined to go nowhere

But at 15.6 percent, child poverty here is still well below the national average of 22.6 percent.

reduce the deficit, strengthen the middle class and keep our government running."

A case in point: Democrat Patrick Arnold's solid 41 percent showing in the Manchester mayoral primary last week doesn't necessarily mean the days of Ted Gatsas as mayor are numbered.

Indeed, since 2007 12, the child poverty rate went up 75 percent.


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And the increase in child poverty from 2011 12, 3.6 percent, was higher than any other state.

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"Gary Lambert's support for the tea party government shutdown that jeopardizes Social Security benefits and our soldiers' pay is out of touch with New Hampshire values," Bremer said in a statement.

When it comes to special or preliminary elections, we often read too much into the results of primaries to determine what will happen in the final showdown.

"Even New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte has warned against this plan to Ghd Round Brush shut down the government over a health care repeal, but Gary Lambert lines up with Washington Republicans. Gary Lambert's support for this tea party 'my way or the highway' approach means shutting down the government if they can't make insurance companies richer by giving them free rein to raise rates and take away protections that keep families from getting sick."

"What is frustrating to middle class Granite Staters is that our government will shut down in days and our current member of Congress, Annie Kuster, has not offered a single solution or idea to address this shutdown or our debt. That's not right. People expect more from their elected officials."

The final will be won or lost by which candidate and his motivated supporters can drag the most voters to the polls in an election turnout where four of five won't bother to show Ghd Platinum Arctic Gold

The same is true in Nashua's Ward 8, where Democrats think they have reason for plenty of optimism given Carl Andrade's narrow primary victory over newcomer Latha Mangipudi.

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"The last thing our economy can afford right now is another self inflicted wound from Washington."

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And it's true that Republican Frank Guinta had a similar result in his 2007 preliminary before knocking off Democratic incumbent Bob Baines six weeks later.

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The two candidates got more than twice the number of votes as Republicanformer House Majority Leader Peter Silva, who ran unopposed.

As a Marine reservist and former JAG officer, Lambert said he understands better than most the hardship that would occur if the government runs out of money.

"In this context, it is imperative to consider the role of the safety net in protecting America's most vulnerable populations. Programs like the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families provide critical support for poor children."

essential difference this time, however, is Gatsas will surely not be caught napping over the stretch run. Look for him to not only step up his campaign schedule, but to engage his challenger more in person and through "voter contact," aka carpet bombing voters with mail, calls and radio ads.

House Speaker John Boehner's gambit to try to make defunding of Obamacare part of the deal to raise the federal debt ceiling. Senate will strip out the Obamacare provisions from the debt ceiling measure.

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Arnold did outperform expectations thanks largely to a good, hard working candidate, a lot of early fundraising support and a fired up Democratic base in a city hungry for change.

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