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Perhaps some civil rights activist might use this case as an example of how black men are thrown into the criminal justice system at a higher rate than other races. However, one might reasonably suspect that this is as far as it will go.

Why they didn't just rob her and leave her alive is odd. However, the possibility that racial hatred entered into their motive can't be ignored. Then, again, it probably will. Rarely is racism charged in cases of black on white crime.

Regardless, I Beats By Dre Commercial

Babyliss Straightener

One occurred on May 19 when males were charged with murdering 24 year old Jacqueline Gardner, a white waitress. One of them reportedly tried choking her to death. For some reason he didn't succeed, so they shot her.

in Schererville, Ind., or Bunkie, La.

For now, the George Zimmerman prosecution is over, but its legacy will be felt from Oregon to New Hampshire. This whole sensation was clearly a product of the Barack Obama controlled news media. Where the one will strike is anyone's guess, but it won't be Ghd Straightener 1

suspect nothing further will come of it. After all, police aren't being pressured by the president's men.

Babyliss Straightener

Babyliss Straightener

Babyliss Straightener

What's also unjust is that while Zimmerman's trial was Babyliss Straightener proceeding, black on white crimes were being committed elsewhere; civil rights there weren't a concern.

Nor will anyone seeking to exploit the racial aspect be invited to appear on any of the national talk shows, where they might complain about the lack of race hatred charges against the alleged perpetrators.

It's unlikely that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would go to Schererville to call a press conference in order to decry a white woman's murder. Clearly, equal justice is not their objective; money is.

A crime of passion usually rates a second degree murder charge. However, the passion details are being held back by police. It could have been a personal dispute; if so, might that dispute have included the murderer's hatred of Schenck's race? Perhaps, but the investigation is still proceeding.

Babyliss Straightener

That said, no one is safe from the network media stretching a local story into another national obsession, not even in New Hampshire. We're all potential Zimmermans. Prosecution based not on facts, but on emotion, is the legacy of the Zimmerman trial.

These stories will eventually fade from the pages of local papers. That's as far as the victims will be known. They didn't meet the black victim white perpetrator narrative desired by the national news.

Babyliss Straightener

Babyliss Straightener

Babyliss Straightener

Babyliss Straightener

This is the same Eric Holder, well, you get the drift. There's no use in belaboring the point. I suspect Holder will go down in history as the most dishonest Attorney General ever to occupy that office. Yet, he's Ghd Platinum Styler Amazon

This is the same Eric Holder who went before Darryl Issa's House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and was caught lying. He denied knowing anything about Fast and Furious, but government documentation showed he was well informed.

going to decide if Zimmerman should be tried again, this time for violating the civil rights of the mixed martial arts thug who was trying to kill him. It's unjust.

Only local news reported them. Network news and the national press didn't mention them; they weren't politically correct.

What was their motive? They wanted the tips she'd earned that night. The total came to $85. Think about that. This young woman died because three low lifes wanted her tip money. However, was that all there was to it?

This is the same Eric Holder who initiated and covered up the illegal Fast and Furious government gun running scheme. That's where semiautomatic rifles were sold to Mexican drug gangs with the reported intent of using American guns in Mexican hands to justify greater restrictions on American gun purchases.

Neither is anyone associated with CBS news likely to show any interest. That's because officials aren't afraid that Gardner's friends, relatives and sympathizers will form a protest march, riot, set fires or break windows.

News media fanned flames of Zimmerman trial

Babyliss Straightener

Attorney General Eric Holder is now deciding whether or not to bring charges against Zimmerman for violating Trayvon Martin's civil rights. Yeah, that's right.

The same might be said for another black on white crime that occurred on July 5 in Bunkie, La. Thirty seven year old Dana Schenck, a white woman, was shot in the face. A 22 year old black man with a long criminal record confessed to killing her and was charged with second degree murder.

Babyliss Straightener

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