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New US law criminalises sending girls abroad for FGM

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Beats Undefeated

Referring to traditional and cultural pressure from grandparents and others in an extended family, Quast said the new law allows and other people to say, can have this done or we go to jail.

states currently don have a law against FGM. Now, we focused on (ensuring that) every state has a law against FGM for the same sort of deterrent effect. In addition to educating immigrant families, training of law enforcement officials, educators and others who deal with girls at risk is essential, said De Felice. alone is definitely not going to eradicate the practice.

very excited about the new law, she said, but cautioned that practical impact remains to be seen. and the prospect of prosecutions under the new law is equally uncertain, according to Pyati and others working in this area. citizens abroad.

undergone FGM. every year for this purpose.

Beats Undefeated

With the passage Beats Undefeated of the federal law, De Felice said a greater effort will be placed on promoting the passage or implementation of anti FGM laws at the state level, where the potential for prosecution may be greater.

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Beats Undefeated

Beats Undefeated

study found that California, New York and Maryland have the greatest number of women and girls at risk of FGM.

More than 130 million women globally are estimated to have Ghd Straighteners Gold

Families (SFF) served 11,000 clients, several hundred of whom were women and girls who had either undergone FGM or were at risk, Archana Pyati, deputy director of the immigration intervention program at SFF, told TrustLaw.

Beats Undefeated

FGM has no roots in any religion. The partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, often done by women using crude implements, it is typically viewed as an effort to preserve the purity of a girl before marriage and to keep her faithful within marriage. In fact, the procedure can cause extensive psychological and physical damage that exposes a girl to life threatening infections, robs a woman of sexual pleasure and can cause severe complications in childbirth.

federal law threatening imprisonment for anyone who sends girls abroad for the brutal procedure will deter those who previously did so with impunity. Congress on Dec.

The new law, passed one day after adoption of a United Nations resolution calling for a global ban on FGM, adds weight to the international drive to end the practice. It has been illegal to perform FGM in the United States since 1996. The new law closes a legal loophole by criminalising cutting, so called because girls are often sent to their ancestral homelands during school holidays to undergo FGM. to do that. It empowers girls and parents to have this legal tool because often, when they go home (to ancestral lands), their parents (or extended family members) are pushing for the girls to have FGM, Shelby Quast, senior policy advisor at Equality Now, told TrustLaw.

Beats Undefeated

we know there are hundreds of cases, but there is no concrete data collection, De Felice told TrustLaw. However, there are indications that the number of cases is rising and is much larger than reported. had undergone or were at risk of undergoing FGM, 27 percent of them under the age of 18. The number rose about 35 percent between 1990 and 2000, likely reflecting the growth in immigration from countries, especially in Africa, where FGM is prevalent.

In 2011 alone, the New York City based Sanctuary for Beats Car Speakers

Beats Undefeated

providers already are empowered to report what they see as child abuse and FGM is seen as such. But we know that they don said Pyati, noting that many health workers, teachers and others have viewed FGM as a cultural practice and personal family decision.

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