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Next up is Genetically Modified Organisms

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Dan Marcek and I also made an announcement: We've changed the October topic to Genetically Modified Organisms. The timeliness is that the NH legislature is considering a bill to require GMO labeling in foods, so we figure people would like to learn more about the topic.

matter of public policy rather than science. We'll be sticking to the science of GMOs; how they work, what is possible and what isn't, and what's likely down the road.

Beats Rose

Beats Rose

Also, there was a question whether, after expanding from hydroponics (plants grown in water) to aquaponics (plants grown in water that contains fish) you could expand again to duckoponics (plants grown in water that contains fish and holds ducks). The answer: Yeah, but it would be a lot harder to regulate the nitrogen levels Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

in the plants.

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We had about 40 people in Killarney's tonight to hear about aquaponics Beats Rose at the latest Science Cafe Nashua. Lively, interesting discussion, including the admission Ghd Limited Edition

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Beats Rose

by New Boston's Mike Griffin that his first home aquaponics setup used pirahna cool!

But we won't be talking about labeling that's a Ghd Straighteners Blue

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