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They would came back again and again, asking for fish tacos and Beats Rose Gold

Dinner offers something completely different, with more elaborate traditional dishes.

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today you having shrimp tacos and guava hibiscus water, she would tell them.

After they have spent a couple years in the Yukon, the government will review what they have accomplished, and if all goes well they will then be eligible for Canadian citizenship.

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want people to have the experience of tasting food as we have it Instyler Ionic Styler Pro

I want fish tacos, they would often reply.

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But Perez insisted that her customers broaden their experience of her home style cooking.

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Newlyweds bring hometown Mexican flavour north

just do the dishes as they are, said Perez. almost do no changes if someone asks. I want my something without cilantro. I Beats By Dre Wireless Red go in and ask, it because your allergic, or . ? Just try it, as it is. There a reason why it served this way.

Perez pointed out that they are similar in style to the button blankets made by some of the Yukon First Nations.

would be the most amazing thing for me. and Iga came to the Yukon for a new adventure and a great opportunity. The first thing they noticed was the cold.

Jorge saw them in Canadian Tire, he was like, got to have them. would like to eventually serve wild Yukon game meat in Mexican style recipes, like maybe a bison chile relleno, or stuffed pepper, said Perez.

Many times, they would come back saying they liked the shrimp even better than the fish, she said.

started our lives here together, you know, as a family. So we would love to be here, said Perez.

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She wants you to try them that way, too.

was winter and it was April! said Perez.

They came under the Yukon Business Nominee Program. The newlyweds had close friends living in Whitehorse, and planned to start a food truck to sell traditional food in the style of their hometown.

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Black and white photos of the heroes of the Mexican revolution adorn the walls of the new location at 4th Ave and Steele St., next to Antoinette colourful woven cloths that are particular to the region of Mexico where they come from, hang near the entrance.

has been so supportive and welcoming and just helpful in everything, said Perez. feel the warmth and you feel them wanting you to succeed, and that just something we not used to. In Mexico, it so different. familiar with the La Patrona food truck will find similar offerings on the restaurant lunch menu.

you having this. And then next time you can have fish tacos again, she told them.

Despite the difficulties of finding the right ingredients, fresh, ripe and in season, Perez wanted to stay as true as possible to the recipes she knows from home.

back home. Maybe it not what they tried before in Mexico, but it our hometown food, and I kind of force them a little bit to just eat it, and if you don like it, it OK. hopes more people will order the flan, a custard style dessert topped with dulce de leche and walnuts. It her mom recipe and her husband favourite, she said.

cucumber lemon juice, for example, every time.

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