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Ghd Straightener Reviews

Ghd Straightener Reviews

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Ghd Straightener Reviews

Nexalin is a device that creates a frequency waveform that seems to affect key brain structures that are involved in the regulation of its neurochemistry. Data suggests the Nexalin waveform effectively resets the hypothalamus of the brain, without the introduction of pharmaceutical medication. Clinical research indicates that a process of normalizing the production of various neurotransmitters, including Dopamine, Serotonin, and Norepinephrine will begin at the beginning of the initial treatment protocol. In recent studies, patients report on average, 80% to 97% of sustained improvement in all symptoms. Clients sit in a comfortable relaxing atmosphere for 40 minutes at a time. Most patient protocols are 10 20 sessions over a 2 4 week period. Three pads are placed gently on your forehead and behind each ear. The stimulating waveform is virtually undetectable, and the treatment is soothing and relaxing. Most patients report a deep relaxing sleep during each treatment. During the treatment, clinical evidence suggests that the hypothalamus and mid brain are gently stimulated with a repetitive Ghd Eclipse 2 Inch

Nexalin Technologies, Inc. Founder and CEO Randall Letcavage could not be happier with the success that Dr. Agresti is having along with other Nexalin providers across the country. Letcavage stated, "This past year we have grown extremely fast and are now very pleased to see our efforts are making a difference in people's lives." Randall Letcavage added, "Nexalin has helped hundreds of patients over the past few years and Nexalin has been growing rapidly through target marketing and word of mouth alone. Now, many well known medical facilities and treatment centers are adopting Nexalin and the mainstream media is beginning to take notice, I believe we are the future of brain Ghd Straightener Reviews based health."

Dr. Agresti has developed a state of the art detoxification and treatment program for effective substance abuse treatment. He has successfully treated addictions to both prescription and street drugs, as well as alcohol, in an outpatient setting. Treatment may include involvement in Dr. Monster Beats By Dr. Dre Pro Headphones Ebay

Ghd Straightener Reviews

Ghd Straightener Reviews

Ghd Straightener Reviews

TUSTIN, CA (Marketwired December 02, 2013) makes the mainstream news in West Palm Beach, FL. WPEC TV CBS 12 News interviews Dr. Associates, and his patient, Susan Young, who has been struggling with depression since childhood. Dr. Agresti implemented Nexalin Therapy into his practice nearly a year ago and is continuously getting positive results from his patients being treated for Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia. Dr. Agresti is one of many medical professionals that have set up a Nexalin treatment center within his practice.

wave form that seems to support certain brain function resets. Further research indicates that the treatment is long lasting with no harmful or serious side effects. More information on , Inc. can be found at: http Mark Agresti

Ghd Straightener Reviews

you are seeking supplemental support or you are a medical professional looking to learn more please call information: .

Nexalin Technology Featured On

Agesti's Cognitive Restructuring Program, work with a sober coach, and psychotherapy. Cognitive Restructuring is based on principles very different from traditional 12 Step programs, but patients who are involved or prefer the 12 Step Model are encouraged to continue with meetings. There are a variety of methods and places that "do" detoxification. There is no one size fits all program. The essential component of Dr. Agresti's program is an individualized medical and psychological plan. Associates deals with the total individual, not the drug. They work with the individual to meet their personal goals for changing their habits while meeting their detoxification needs as well as dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient programs will "detox" the individual but not deal with the long term withdrawal symptoms or teach individuals what is needed to succeed in beating the substance that is controlling them.

Ghd Straightener Reviews

Ghd Straightener Reviews

Dr. Agresti's practice focuses on providing a top quality treatment of mental illness addictions and dual diagnosis. He has expanded his addictions practice to include outpatient detoxification from both drugs and alcohol. His patient population includes both children and adults. He has been in private practice in West Palm Beach, FL for 20 years and has been on the staff of Columbia Hospital and several Addiction Treatment centers. He served as Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia Hospital and medical director for the various treatment centers. He has been using Nexalin for the past year and has been experiencing the tremendous results that the therapy can provide. Dr. Associates

Link to view the actual CBS News coverage can be found at the end of this release.

Ghd Straightener Reviews

Ghd Straightener Reviews

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Ghd Straightener Reviews

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