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were able to discover which of the sightings were Rudy; there was one two weeks ago that actually was him. He was in fact doing a loop near the railroad tracks near Delaware Park.

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"I call it doxie moxie. He's very shy; he's more animal friendly than people friendly," she said. "When he left, he was 11 or 12 pounds. Reddish brown, darker on the top than on the sides. He had a collar with a nametag."

was prepared to pay even more than that as a reward for anyone who found Rudy anyway.

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Instyler Rotating Iron Review

Ohnstead even spent a night in the Delaware Park parking lot after a caller reported seeing Rudy in the area.

The couple ramped up their efforts to find Rudy this weekend when they enlisted the help of Karin Tarqwyn, known as The Pet Detective on TV's "The Dog Whisperer" and other shows that have featured her for her work in helping owners find their lost dogs.

up her credentials and emailed her via her website. She called back within an hour," she said. "She told me all kinds of behaviors about my dog that were spot on, like they can run a mile in 13 minutes."

"I've had my cell phone number and asked people to contact us if they see him," Watson said. "People see him and call me two days later, like he's a statue. (Other) people say, I saw that dog; he walked right past me. Then they saw the flyer a few days later."

Tarqwyn and her team used the tracking dogs determine which of the "Rudy sightings" were actually Rudy by visiting scenes where people had reported seeing him, to see if the tracking dogs could pick up his scent.

"I started looking Beats By Dre Mixr

Instyler Rotating Iron Review

Instyler Rotating Iron Review

Instyler Rotating Iron Review

"He got out within the first hour of us being gone," Watson said. "She opened the door and out he went. She called his name and he stood and looked at her and she started chasing him and the rest is history. She chased him and got three other people to chase after him; they chased him for more than half an hour across Route 273 to University Plaza."

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However, she said, "We Ghd Hair Dryer Aura

Now, Tarqwyn is creating eye catching signs for the couple to hang up around Delaware Park, and plans to establish humane traps and feeding stations that could draw Rudy Instyler Rotating Iron Review out of the woods near the thoroughbred racing track.

It would cost more than $1,000 for Tarqwyn to visit, along with a team of three people and four tracking dogs but Watson said it was worth it, as she Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer

But Rudy ran faster. Watson and Ohnstead haven't seen their beloved dog since.

Newark couple are hoping to 'Bring Rudy Home'

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Instyler Rotating Iron Review

In the five months since then, the couple have made finding Rudy their No. 1 priority. Watson, a school nurse, has developed a Facebook page called "Bring Rudy Home." They've placed ads in newspapers, on Craigslist and other online community forums. She and Ohnstead have hung and passed out more than 20,000 flyers all around the greater Newark area and beyond.

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"Chesapeake City and Elkton those (sightings) were not him," Tarqwyn said Wednesday.

Watson said a friend recommended they hire Tarqwyn to help in the search for Rudy.

Ohnstead, who is retired from Chrysler, "has made finding Rudy his full time job," Watson said. He spends his days following up with callers who say they have spotted Rudy in places as far away as Chesapeake City, Md.

The couple check in with local humane shelters daily, and if a dachshund has been turned in, one of them goes to see if it's Rudy. So far they've had no luck finding their 7 year old pup, which Watson describes as independent minded and stubborn.

Instyler Rotating Iron Review

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